Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My 5 Favourite Films

My 5 Favourite Films consist of:

The Hangover (Todd Phillips, 2009) - IMDB   
Budget - $35,000,000
Gross- $311,000,000 (UK+USA)
I love this film because its absolutely hilarious and is smart in the way it uses comedy to make the audience laugh as much as possible. It also does in some way relate to real life situations, making it more realistic.

The Trailer:

ShawShank Redemption (Frank Darabont, 1994) - IMDB
Budget - $25,000,000
Gross - $30,000,000 (UK+USA)
This is in one of my top 5 because it is purely an amazing film. It is one of the best films i have seen because of its classic story and realism. As it has everything from violence, sadness and happiness.

The Trailer:

The Matrix (The Wachowski bros. , 1999) - IMDB 
Budget - $63,000,000
Gross - $200,000,000 (UK+USA)
I love this film because the plot is simply the best thing about it as it is simply an amazing story. Which is obviously not real but it makes you think and question the world we're in.

The Trailer:

American Pie (The Weitz bros. , 1999) - IMDB
Budget - $11,000,000
Gross - $115,000,000 (UK+USA) 
I've loved this film from the first one to the latest one. They are all just hilarious and all keep you wanting to watch.

The Trailer:

Donkey Punch (Oliver Blackburn, 2008) -
Budget - £3,000,000
Gross - £305,000 (UK+USA)
This is one of the only slasher films i have really liked, as it has a gripping plot and really caught my eye as it seemed to be really realistic to me.

The Trailer:

Friday, 8 October 2010

My Coursework Task

Your mission is to carry out the following brief:

Preliminary exercise: Continuity task involving filming and editing a character opening a door, crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character, with whom she/he then exchanges a couple of lines of dialogue. This task should demonstrate match on action, shot/reverse shot and the 180-degree rule.
Main task: the titles and opening of a new fiction film, to last a maximum of two minutes.
All video and audio material must be original, produced by the candidate(s), with the exception of music or audio effects from a copyright-free source.

The coursework is worth 50% of the AS (same at A2) and the marking (detailed later) is divided into 3 sections:



Even before i start shooting (let alone planning) my production, i will need to keep this final stage in mind. If i start (b)logging notes on this now it will save me a lot of stress as the final deadline (in May!) approaches. I am tasked with answering these questions (see below for details on how this is marked):

  • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?  
  • How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  • What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? 
  • Who would be the audience for your media product? 
  • How did you attract/address your audience? 
  • What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? 
  • Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?


Below is a grid on the mark scheme criteria, I will read this every once in a while to refresh my memory.
For each section there are key components of the work which are assessed as being one of the following:
G321 - Simplified Marking Criteria as 1 Sheet