Tuesday, 14 December 2010

ALL - Coursework idea

The coursework idea that i will be working on is going to be a zombie film like films such as "Dawn of the Dead" and "Night of the Living Dead" These will help us get ideas for our film, we are going to be doing a serious zombie escape film, with the protagonist being Jack Hanson, a local well established actor. The Zombie will be a challenging genre to do, as the gore scenes will be hard to make effective.

The opening two minutes of this film will be of Leading actor, Jack Hanson at the present time, trying to stop zombies from breaking his barricade there is then a close up of his eye, this then triggers a flashback, the flashback includes before the infection and then to his family eventually getting killed by zombies, during the flashback there will be a non-diegetic sound of a radio news bulletin explaining the outbreak in zombie infection, after the flashbacks it then reverts back to the present day, as this drives him on to fight off the zombies, which starts the film off with his drive to stop the zombie infection.